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The EverServe portfolio of service programs offer customers a variety of options to choose from in terms service delivery. We take great pride in our portfolio services that bring satisfaction to our variety of clientele. We internally developed a powerful service inquiry system which initiates, tracks, and provides updates to all your service inquiries.

Help Desk Service

EverTech has a help desk service that is accessible through email, phone or web form submission. If you are a registered client we provide you access into this powerful system that allows you to initiate, update or retrieve the status of an open inquiry. The service inquiry is assigned to our support team with a system that is continuously monitored and escalates the priority of your inquiry automatically.

On-Site Service

EverTech on-site service program has been in effect since 1985. Throughout the years, EverTech has acquired a long-standing reputation for its high-quality service. As a botique firm, we specialize in diagnosing your individual problem rapidly. When we are your outsourced IT provider EverTech comes prepared with a series of tasks to fix or correct your problems as well as maintain all your systems.

Remote Services

Clients registered with EverTech EverServe are able to take advantage of our remote services portfolio in which we can immediately remote into your system in order to fix your problems without having to come to your location. An EverTech service program specialist will remote into your computer immediately and provide you with a diagnosis of the problem and a solution.
All of your service inquiries are processed and catalogue by are EverServe system that handles all the information, reports it back to our customers and automatically updates contracted service programs.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Best in Class IT Equipment

Being in the industry for 35 years gives us great insight to explain best in class technology leaders, top product selection and industry best practices.

Dedicated 24\7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 tech support that will gladly solve any technical issue you may have: On-Site or Remotely.

Subscriptions and Trials

Our subscription programs are flexible reducing your costs and increasing cashflow. We offer 30-day trials for select equipment and service programs.

Agile and Fast Results

Time is money. EverTech seeks and maintains long-standing customer relationships with an involved deep understanding of your needs.

Get the most out of your IT investment

Our systems integration skills emphasize our customers achieving faster results through collaborative computing.

Highest Quality Deliverables

All our Innovative IT Solutions start by creating a vastly improved IT architecture. With our Industry experience and a deep understanding of best-in-class practices, your business benefits.

Some Facts About Us

More than 35 years of Innovative IT Solutions

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