Network Management

LAN is a Large Area Network which is comprised of a collection of devices using that single network. The size of the LAN depends on your needs, it can be confined to the one room of your office or support many devices in a building or can span an enterprise network with thousands of devices. The wonderful part of the LAN is that it is configured to meet your exact network needs. The ability to connect all your businesses devices is a powerful tool that increases the ease of communication within your business. The difference between a WAN (Wide Area Network) and a LAN (Large Area Network) is that a LAN connects devices in a single devoted and specific area. A WAN would be used to connect a group of LANs.

These are some of the ways in which a LAN would benefit your business. The LAN would give your business the ability to upload, access, and share all files with a single dedicated server. Additionally, you can arrange for a central backup for all your devices so that a file is never lost again. The LAN give you the option to easily share software and hardware such as system upgrades or a printer for the entire office – saving you money. Connect your computers, printers, servers, VoIP phones, and routers today by implementing a LAN (Local Area Network).

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