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Providing & Supporting your IT Security

Cyber Security is imperative as you are constantly under threats of attacks on your computers, servers, mobile devices, systems, networks, and data. This precious business and personal information must be protected for you, your employees, and your customers sake. Just by being in possession of Information Technology, you are at risk.

It is vital to protect your Information Technology from bad actors such as hacktivists phishing for your sensitive personal information, botnet software on your computer, cyber terrorists, and cyber criminals. Being aware of these threats to your personal and business’s information is the first step to protecting you, your business, and even your customers.

Deploying security measures varies as to what types of Information Technology you possess; it is imperative to take charge and protect your IT before an attack occurs. Preventative measures are much more effective than waiting to treat a problem when it arises.

Providing Innovative IT Solutions

At EverTech, our mission is to provide you with Innovative IT Solutions for all of your needs. We work hard so you can work smart. As a small business, we specialize in meeting the needs of our small to medium business companions. We have been successfully supporting the IT of many businesses in the tristate area for over 35 years. We understand as a small business that time is money, therefore we keep up with the latest and greatest technology. As a boutique technology firm, our dedication and personalized attention puts us on a different level than big business providers because we know and care about our clients.

Supporting Our Clients

EverTech’s vision is to see small businesses succeed. We want to see small to medium businesses have the information technology support that they need in order to support their communities.

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