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Contact Center

Contact Center gives you control over your phone systems like never before, our Contact Center is a drastic upgrade from a traditional phone system. With Contact Center in place, your business will be streamlined. The Contact Center (CC) allows employees to access detailed customer information with an easy to use interface. The Contact Center is just what you and your staff need in order to be efficient and organized.

Upgrade your customer service by upgrading your traditional phone systems to the VoIP Contact Center. The Contact Center gives your business access to live chat, SMS (text messaging), email, and social media. In addition to access to the above, the Contact Center gives your managers the ability to manage, monitor, and enhance the customer experience with customizable dashboards, Automated Call Distribution (ACD), voice to text, call routing tools, and detailed reporting.

The Contact Center’s powerful supervisory features provides you with interactive dashboards that display real-time data including calls in queue, service levels, agent details alerts, and warnings. Supervisors can participate in calls in 4 manners: listen, whisper, join, and take. With CRM integration, all consumer data is available to your agents during their calls, increasing the quality of the call.


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