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Are you tired of dealing with your big business phone provider that you can never manage to get their customer service on the phone? Are you interested in having the peace of mind that in case of an emergency your phone system won’t fail? Would you like to have a full-service phone system that you can access in and out of the office? Would you like to have easy access to your phone system and all your lines associated with your business? Would you like to know you’ll never miss an important phone call again because of loss of service? Are you interested in saving money on your monthly business phone expenses?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then a Unified Communications VoIP System from EverTech is for you! EverTech VoIP gives you all of the above and more! EverTech VoIP gives you immediate access to customer service where you will have a designated Tech Support Team member that will be assigned to your account. This means no more waiting, speaking to multiple representatives, and being on hold for hours to reach customer service from the likes of Comcast or Verizon. Not only will you have quick personalized customer support from EverTech VoIP, but you’ll also have an easily managed VoIP system that you can access and manage wherever you are via the EverTech VoIP UC Portal. In addition to the comfort of knowing you have an easily managed phone system, you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that in case of any type of emergency, such as a power failure, your phone system will not fail – you will NEVER miss an important phone call while saving money on your phone system!

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple terms, VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of over a traditional telephone line – with even clearer sound than your tradition phone call! EverTech VoIP provides you with Unified Communications which your tradition telephone provider cannot do.  Now you may be wondering what the point of would be replacing your tradition phone system especially if you already have an on-premise PBX so we will explain to you why EverTech VoIP with a Cloud-Based PBXis now the preferred phone system for any size business. 

EverTech VoIP Unified Communications allows you to answer your business phone anywhere, anytime. You can answer from your cell phone or laptop without compromising any of your personal information. Unlike traditional phone systems, a virtual auto attendant routes all calls where they need to go so that no important phone call goes unanswered! Another amazing feature of EverTech VoIP Unified Communications is disaster recovery which means that in case of an emergency, our VoIP Unified Communications makes sure your calls are rerouted – this is a feature that a standard phone system cannot provide you with. Knowing your business is protected from phone outages gives you peace of mind knowing that you will never miss an important call.

Above are some of the most impressive and immediate features you will receive once you switch your phone system to EverTech VoIP Unified Communications but there are so many other awesome additional features as well. For example, with EverTech Unified Communications you can now send and receive SMS (short message service) also known as text messages from your business phone number through our app or a browser on your computer. Another great additional feature of the EverTech VoIP Unified Communications is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which automates inbound and outbound messaging from simple tasks such as appointment reminders, saving your employees time therefore saving you money.

EverTech Unified Communications VoIP phone systems are the best thing you can do for your business communications to provide unparalleled business continuity. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a great way to improve your Information Technology (IT) while saving money. Did we mention that EverTech Unified Communications VoIP phone systems are incredibly scalable? If you trade up your traditional phone system, we can provide you with instantaneous adjustments such as adding a phone number for a new employee or easily setting up the EverTech Work Force Management (WFM) system for all of your employees in or out of the office. When you switch your phone system to EverTech VoIP you’ll have personalized tech support, but you’ll also have an easy to use self-service portal where you can manage your phone services.

Drastically improve your Information Technology infrastructure today with the incredibly powerful and Innovative IT Solution of EverTech VoIP Unified Communications. We know you’ll be so pleased with your new and improved easy to manage EverTech VoIP Unified Communications System especially because there is no maintenance necessary! EverTech knows you’ll be satisfied with your EverTech VoIP system. Contact or call us today for a free EverTech VoIP Unified Communications system consultation!

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