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What is VoIP?

    VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP translates your traditional phone call and converts it into digital signals sending them as data packets over your broadband internet.

Why VoIP?

    Improved Communications to Build your Business
    Scalable Services that Grow with You
    Lower Costs
    Unparalleled Business Continuity

What size businesses use VoIP?

    VoIP is ideal for any sized business because of it’s scalability and only needing an internet connection to work. VoIP is great for small to medium sized businesses because it is a cost effective way for the business to operate with the best phone technology without needing an IT department to run it. VoIP is additionally cost effective for a large business because of its scalability and mobility.

On Premises vs. Hosted PBX

Why change from an on-premise phone systems to a cloud-based phone systems?

Features & Benefits On-Premise Cloud-Based
Scalability Hard to scale, lots of planning and can take weeks or months to add or remove a phone line Scalability in minutes, quickly add or remove a phone line
Maintenance Requires an IT specialist to manage and make changes No maintenance required outside of physical phonest
Upgrading Features Varies with what is available and compatible and requires manual updares from IT specialist All upgrade are readily available through the cloud
Mobility No mobile compatibility Anyone can connect from any device with an internet connection
Disaster Recovery No typical redundancy in place, recovery is slow Built-in failover in the event of disaster, calls automatically rerouted to other data centers